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The garden was founded in 1968. An area of about 150 hectares was allocated to the garden where is situated by the freeway between Tehran and Karaj at an altitude of about 1320 m.

The area is flat and slopes gently to the south. The Albourz Mountains forms the background. The climate is dry with an average annual precipitation of about 240 mm falling between November and May. Temperature reaches as much as 42 – 43º C during July and August. During winter the temperature may fall to – 10º C or lower. The natural vegetation of the area is dry Artemisia Siberia steppe.

The garden is still under construction. Six lakes have been excavated, and filled with water. Two hills (the highest reaching 19 m), have been built up to represent the Albourz and Zagros mountains, (the largest mountain chains of Iran). A large rock garden with cliff walls and a waterfall has been completed as well as a special section for Iranian bulbous plants. Also another cliff wall with waterfall has been built up in Albourz section. Furthermore a wetland area has been designed and cultivated in this section.

A section for desert plants with sand dunes, a salt lake and a wadi have been constructed. Extensive areas have been planted with trees, one area of 5 hectares represents the Caspian Forest. Plants used in medicine are another section which has recently been established. The fruit garden has been established and cultivated. Hills representing Himalaya Mountain have been constructed and partly planted. The systematic area also has been constructed and several species have already been cultivated there.

A river about l km long circulating between Caspian Lake and reservoir has been constructed. Also the picnic area with some pavilions and other facilities has been prepared. The Japanese and Chinese gardens are parts of the garden which have been completed in an area about 2.5 hectares.

Arboretum is a new section in the garden which has been established in an area of 15 hectares. The path ways and a lake of about one hectare have been constructed.

The native trees and shrubs of Iran as well as exotic species are being planted in this part of the garden. The Europe, America and Caucasus sections and the central part of the garden representing a Persian garden design are simultaneously under construction.

The National Botanical Garden of Iran is planned to be the main centre for horticulture and plant taxonomy in Iran. A herbarium of Iranian plants (TARI) is gradually being built up and now consists of some 160,000 numbers. The botanical and horticultural library has more than 11,000 volumes in its shelves.

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